Brand Your Business & Market to Your Ideal Client with Wild Success!
Tricia Turpenoff, M.Photog.
Colorado Springs, CO

Course Date: Monday, May 21, 2018

Course Hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Colorado Springs, CO

Ready for a deep dive into your brand and build a strong in-person and social media based marketing plan?

This is the class for you! Class will begin by helping you interpret the reason why marketing is so essential, and discussing how your ‘why’ will be the foundation of your business and how you will find your ideal client.

Once you’ve discovered your ‘why’ and who your ideal client is,class will then move through step by step on how to create and build your brand from the foundation up. Then, once your foundation is strong, let’s start building your marketing plan!

This will include in-person networking plan, social media marketing and email marketing. Come ready to choose one area of your expertise and build a plan and strategy that you can use throughout your business for years to come.

Items to Bring: a sack lunch/snacks or money for lunch

Location: Library 21C

1175 Chapel Hills Drive

Colorado Springs, CO 80920

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