Image Competition Details

November 3-6, 2022
Entry Deadline: October 31, 2022 – 9 PM

The Image Competition is FREE to attend. If you choose not to enter this year, we encourage you to come on out just the same to experience this amazing competition first-hand. PPA (Professional Photographers of America) Affiliate Jurors will be on hand to offer their experience and knowledge of our own photographic images. It’s free to watch and learn.

Prepare up to 8 of your best images for entry. There is a $75 ($65 PPC Members) entry fee for 1 to 6 images. $10.00 for each additional image. 8 images max. Please note: The best 6 images will be used for your final scores. Some of the awards are based on your total cumulative score so it’s best to enter at least 6 images. Your top 6 scores will count if you enter more than 6!

You need not be a PPC Member to enter the Image Competition, but as an added benefit for PPC Members – 1st Place PPC Member winners will receive personalized trophies at the Awards Ceremony/Holiday Party (TBD).

Entry Fee:
$80 ($80 if PPC Member) covers entry of 1 to 8 images. (Plus $7 registration fee at if you are not a member).

NOTE: Photographer of the Year, First Time Entry, Court of Honor and Six for Six Awards are decided on the total points for ALL of your images, so enter SIX or more!

Image Categories and Awards:

• Portrait

• Illustrative

• Artist

• Commercial

• Wedding

Album Event (Wedding, Engagement…)

Album Non-Event (Senior, Child, Flowers etc.)

• PLUS . . .

• Highest Score CPP (PPA Certified)

• Highest Score ASP (American Society of Photographers)

• Best of Show (Highest Score – First Place only)

• Top Ten (10 Highest Scoring Totals – All 6 of an entrants images)

• Photographer of the Year (Highest Scoring Print Case – BOTH Master & Non-Master – First Place only)

• Six for Six – When ALL of your image entries score 80 and ABOVE.

Please see the PPC Print Competition FAQ’s