Quarterly Image Competition

Via Zoom Online
Quarterly Dates: February 10th / May 12th / AUGUST 11th

The Image Competition is FREE to attend. If you choose not to enter, we encourage you to come on out just the same to experience this amazing competition first-hand. PPA (Professional Photographers of America) Affiliate Jurors will be on hand to offer their experience and knowledge on our own photographic images. It’s free to watch and learn.

Prepare up to 4 of your best images for entry. There is a $10 per image entry fee up to 4 images.
No images previously submitted and considered merit-worthy allowed.

We will be judging only 100 images.
Members can enter up to four images to be evaluated against the 12 Elements of a Merit Image with PPC points to be awarded and applied towards the PPC degree program.

This is open only to current PPC Members, you must be in good standing and have dues paid by the submission deadline to compete. Image submissions will count towards your fellowship degree.

Image Categories and Awards:

• Portrait

• Illustrative

• Artist

• Commercial

• Wedding

Album Event (Wedding, Engagement…)

Album Non-Event (Senior, Child, Flowers etc.)

Please see the PPC Print Competition FAQ’s