Mission Statement

To enhance our professional photography industry, especially in our area, by bringing in the best talents in the industry to help educate our members, encourage sharing between our members, and the unity and support of each other.

Enhancing our photographic industry while advancing photography as art.

– To encourage the sharing of knowledge and talents within our membership.

– To encourage and support the growth of our individual members through participation and service, which result in earning credits towards our state Fellowship Degree as well as degrees with PPA.

– To advance all types of photography, not only as a profession but also as an art form.

– To promote and create relationships between our members which will help share and support their ideas and businesses.

– To promote proper, ethical, and legal business practices of our members with regards to each other and their clients.

The association conducts PPC’s By-Laws are the governing document by which it’ss business. These were first established in 1961 and have been updated periodically over the years to maintain current relevance; most recently in 2012.