PPC Columbine Pin

PPC is dedicated to serving it’s members and we recognize our members help in serving the organization. This unique pin symbolizes dedication and participation every time it’s displayed on a lanyard.

Purpose and Goal
The purpose of the award is to promote member participation, encourage personal growth as a photographer and teacher and to reward simple acts of service that help our events run well.

When is the Columbine Pin Awarded
The Columbine Pin is awarded annually at the PPC Holiday Party in December and given to all PPC members in good standing who have earned 15 or more points in our award scheme in any given year. The award runs separately from the Fellowship Award. Members can earn a Columbine Pin every year they participate. Points do not carry over.

You will receive a digital scorecard via email after the annual Elevate Conference. Here is a downloadable list of events and activities that qualify this year. If you have lost it please download the Columbine Pin printable copy.

Recording Your Points
Members are responsible for recording their points throughout the year starting on December 1 and ending at an appointed date in November. Your completed scorecard must be RECEIVED by Saturday, November 19 at midnight.

Columbine Point Year
Members are responsible for recording their points throughout the year starting December 1st and ending at an appointed date in November. Your digital scorecard must be returned by the published deadline. Late entries will not be considered.

How many points do I need to earn a Columbine Pin?
The goal is to accumulate 15 points or more. The PPC Board can award bonus points to individuals for participation and service. Please return your card regardless of the number of self-assessed points you have earned. Award winners will be notified ahead of the Holiday Party. If you are unable to attend the party, we will mail the pin to you.

If you have questions or need help confirming attendance, please reach out to
alison@alisongibsonphotography.com or call/text 303 808 5417 at least 3 days before the deadline date.

Steps for card completion and submission

  1. Use a pen that won’t smudge on the card and fill in your scores in each line.
  2. Write your name clearly along the edge of the card (we forgot to include that important information).
  3. Add your self-assessed total at the bottom.
  4. Mail the physical completed card to:
    Janice Nolan
    11775 West 28th Place,
    Lakewood, CO 80215
  5. Or scan the completed back side of your card and email it as an attachment to janbnolan@gmail.com
  6. If you have any questions or need help, please reach out to alison@alisongibsonphotography.com or call/text 303-808-5417. Please do not wait until the day before the return date!

Ways you can contribute
There are many ways you can contribute. Don’t wait to be asked. Reach out to a Board member to offer your help.

  • Watch the newsletter for specific opportunities and current needs
  • Serve on a committee. Running this organization requires help from all of our members.
  • Promote member participation
  • Attend monthly meetings
  • Attend workshops
  • Participate in the PPC State Image Competition
  • Personal Growth as a Photographer and/or teacher

For our out-of-state members and members who live far from Denver, we understand that in-person participation at events is challenging but it is still possible to reach the 15 point goal by attending our monthly meetings via Zoom. Please know that we appreciate your being a member of this organization.

Alison Gibson On behalf of the PPC Affiliate Pin Committee