Elevate 23 Course Descriptions

Pre-Conference – Friday | November 3, 2023

“High Impact Personal Branding & Headshots” with Chris Wooley

Personal Branding Photography is a hot commodity. From Influencers to Entrepreneurs and CEOs, a strong personal brand with matching images is an absolute must for distinguishing yourself from the crowd.

In this hands-on workshop, we’ll look at the process for delivering stunning personal branding images to your clients. Save time and frustration by learning some of Chris’s favorite tips and tricks for creating headshots and personal branding images with impact. You’ll walk away with practical strategies for personalizing your session, balancing lighting and style, guiding your clients, and being efficient in your process.

In this course:
● Make your clients feel comfortable so you get that perfect expression
● Use lighting to match client’s message and style
● Pose male and female subjects so they look their best
● Use the right gear for the different jobs saving setup time and your back
● Create an efficient business workflow to grow your business

“Photographing the Night Skies” with Alison Carlino

Interested in photographing the stars at night but not sure where to start? Photographing the Milky Way and capturing star trails are some of the passion projects that have not only expanded Alison’s fine art portfolio the last five years but has also helped her to reconnect to nature. During this class, Alison will discuss the gear needed, how to plan for night sky adventures, how to focus in the darkness, how to shoot star trails for the purpose of compositing in StarStaX, and how to add light painting into the scene. She will also review realistic post processing of the images in Lightroom.

In this course:
● Students will identify the gear needed to photograph astro images.
● Students will learn to plan a night sky adventure using PhotoPills.
● Students will learn how to expose for the Milky Way & star trails, add in light painting, and realistically post-process the Milky Way in Lightroom.


Conference – Saturday | November 4, 2023

Keynote | “You vs. You: Unveiling Your Personal Meaning” with Tim Spalla

Join Tim as he delves into the profound realm of personal growth and conquering adversities. The concept of personal meaning holds special significance for creative individuals, affecting both their personal and professional spheres. Prepare to be captivated by the insights of a seasoned veteran who fearlessly addresses the challenges that can be daunting to overcome. This is an unmissable opportunity to find inspiration and empowerment.

Saturday Breakout Courses | Choose Your Favorite Genre! 

“Wildlife Photography: A Journey Through Nature’s Lens” with Dawn Wilson

Colorado offers no shortage of opportunities for nature photographers – from massive snow-capped peaks to some of the most varied wildlife in the U.S. to the open landscape of the eastern plains. During the wildlife, landscape and nature track, we will take a look at:

  • The basics of dramatic wildlife photography and eye-catching landscape photography
  • Tips for capturing images of the night sky
  • Tips for creating images that are the best of both worlds in an environmental portrait photograph
  • How to add some WOW! to your wildlife photos, including Intentional camera movement in landscape and wildlife photography
  • An overview of some of my favorite places to photograph in Colorado
  • Travel tips for nature photography excursions
  • An introduction to the business of nature photography

This will be a full day of information to get you to the right places at the right time for the right photos of nature subjects.

“Portraiture in a World of Competition” with Shannessica

Prepare to be amazed as Shannon Squires and Jessica Vallia, the dynamic duo from Colorado Springs, join forces for a one-of-a-kind co-teaching event! In this extraordinary presentation, they will take you on a journey from start to finish, unveiling the secrets of creating portraits that are not only worthy of competitions but also leave a lasting impact on your clients.

Drawing from their extensive expertise, “Shannessica” will demonstrate their complete process, from mastering lighting techniques to perfecting the final touches in post processing. Both photographers will generously share their knowledge and reveal their similar approaches in crafting stunning imagery that resonates with both judges and clients alike.

Key highlights include:

  • Lighting Techniques: Discover the art of harnessing light to elevate your portraits to new heights.
  • Patterns of Light: Unlock the magic of using light patterns to create captivating visual narratives.
  • Impactful Styling: Learn how to style your clients to convey compelling stories through your portraits.
  • Color Harmony and Balance: Master the delicate art of achieving color harmony to enrich your images.
  • Fine-Tuning in Photoshop: Refine your images to perfection using Photoshop techniques.
  • Correcting Distractions: Identify and rectify distractions in your photos for a polished outcome.


Saturday Colorado Party & Dinner

“Wild, Wild West” Dinner Party

Join us for food, fun, & fellowship! The theme for the party this year is “Wild, Wild West” and we would love for you to dress up and have a wonderful time socializing at this event that celebrates our Colorado Photography Community!


Conference – Sunday | November 5, 2023

Headliner Event “Photoshop Painting & Other Hidden Gems” with Sandra Pearce

Come and join us for a full-day workshop with none other than the esteemed Photoshop Queen herself, Sandra Pearce! If you’ve ever wanted to create stunning art pieces but were hesitant to learn a new program, fear not! Painting in Photoshop offers a fantastic alternative, and Sandra Pearce is the perfect guide to help you unleash your creativity.

Having learned from top Corel Painting instructors, Sandra understands the challenges of using unfamiliar software. When she tried to paint in Painter after taking classes, she realized she had forgotten much of what she learned. However, in Photoshop, we feel comfortable and familiar with the tools, making the learning curve much smoother. Sandra decided to harness her love and knowledge of Photoshop to teach herself painting, and she’s excited to share her unique approach with you!

Key highlights include:

  • Mastering the art of painting with the airbrush in Photoshop
  • Understanding the intricacies of the mixer brush and its application
  • Exploring different paint modes for diverse and captivating artwork
  • Learning the art of extracting images for painting composites
  • Discovering the financial aspects of adding an art line to your business

Keynote | “A Personal Journey Towards Photo Advocacy” with Scott Wilson

Our conference will close with a wonderful keynote by local Colorado photographer, Scott Wilson. Scott has been a committed Photo-Advocate for cancer screening and wild horse conservation and believes visual arts have a key role to play in supporting communities and advancing causes that we believe in.

Scott exhibits at Gallery 6, in Denver, which was named the Mile High City’s Best Photography Gallery in Westword’s 2023 Best of Denver Awards. Scott’s work has featured in local, national and international media, including the BBC, Daily Telegraph, Nat Geo España, GQ Italia, Advanced Photographer, Denver Post and Colorado Life Magazine. Scott also serves on the board of Denver’s Art District on Santa Fe.

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