Elevate 23 Friendly Reminders

  • Friendly Reminder Please be on time to avoid disrupting a session already in progress.  It is important to show up each day ready to learn and eager to participate in the activities. 
  • We cannot offer refunds.  
  • Please remain quiet during the presentations and workshops and avoid side conversations.  This is disruptive to the entire group when a workshop is in progress. 
  • Ensure your cell phone has been switched to silent mode, every day.  If you must take a call or use your phone during a presentation, please step out to do so.  
  • Lunchtime every day will be from 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm | Please note this time frame does not apply to “Photographing the Night Skies” pre-con event. Times for that event are TBD while we secure a dark location for shooting.

We will provide coffee service each morning and have water stations available so that we can all stay hydrated.

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