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PPC Workshop: Unleashed! 8/13/22

Jen Hargrove, M. PHOTOG. CR., CPP

Unleashed! Pet Photography (Posing, lighting, marketing, sales) with Jen Hargrove, M. PHOTOG. CR., CPP

Get the opportunity to watch and photograph a dog session from beginning to end. Begin with the initial consultation, that all-important “meet and greet” with your canine clients. Discover how to make both humans and dogs comfortable while they get familiar with you and your studio and learn why we prefer our clients Unleashed.

The class will cover:

  1. camera and lens selections,

  2. lighting, background

  3. props as you learn what to use and when.

  4. explore how to photograph dogs for their people and for print competitions.

Before you’re done, we’ll also discuss in person and zoom sales, our traveling/on-location and pop-up studios, products, pricing, marketing, and what we do to thank our canine clients and their humans.

Jen Hargrove “Can I Go This Time”

Jen has been a member of the Professional Photographers of America since January 2015. She entered the industry in September of 2012 and opened her studio, Jen Hargrove Photography in 2015. Jen specializes in pet and portraits as well as fine art photography. She obtained her CPP in July 2016 becoming one of nine CPPs in the state of Wyoming and earned the Master of Photography degree and Craftsman degree in January 2019.

PPA, Professional Photographers of America, helps photographers grow their practices, exceed customer visions and push the artistic envelope. We are a source for photographic inspiration, protection, and community and photography education.


  1. Date: Saturday, August 13, 2022

  2. Location: 2230 Lake Ave., Thornton, CO (Gina Lantz Studio)

  3. Time: 9:00 am – 4:30 pm (MST)

  4. Event Policy: Please review our: PPC Cancellation Policy

  5. PPC Fellowship Points: Attend any PPA sponsored full date education (point for each attended) – 1 point / 1 PPA Merit

  6. Attendees must attend the full day in order to get the merit.

Cost: PPC / PPA / PPGCS Guild Member $89

Non Member Cost: $99

She is also a member of multiple PPA affiliates including, IPPA (lntermountain), PPW (Washington), PPN (Kentucky), and TPPA (Texas). She also serves on the Board of Directors of the IPPA (Degree and Awards Chair and Scholarship Chair and Education Committee). Jen strongly believes in the importance of continuing education and the role image competition has along with education in growing and evolving as a photographer, as well as a business owner. She also believes that all photographers have a responsibility to help educate other photographers, as well as clients. Jen and Tim, her husband (and part-time lighting assistant) reside in Big Piney, Wyoming with their two dogs, Owen and Izzy. They have four children, Kennedy, Collin, Hayden, and Payton as well as two granddaughters, Addyson and Rilynn, and two grandsons, Hudson, Lincoln, and new baby Greyson.

Jen Hargrove “Like A Boss”


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