Print Competition Category Description

Portrait– Images containing people, single, couples, groups, etc. If the theme of the photograph is the person in the photograph it belongs in the portrait category. If the theme is a landscape with people in the distance, then this is NOT a portrait.

Wedding – Images from wedding events or other bridal or wedding related photo sessions. It may be a portrait or a photojournalistic image.

Album Event – Images must be from a single event (E.g. wedding event.)

Non Event – Images may be anything but must be of a single theme. Could be a child’s birthday, a trip to the beach, all black and white flowers, etc.

Commercial – Any image that may be used for advertising, display or marketing. Could include small product photography to architecture.

Illustrative – Images of landscape, macro, still life, sports, fine art and other images not fitting into any other category may be entered here

Artist – The purpose of this competition is to allow the entrant to demonstrate their art skills and expertise in pursuit of the PPA Master Artist degree. Entries will be judged for digital, artistic and technical proficiency. Entries can be created using digital or traditional art (such as painting and airbrush) or a combination of both.

These images can be made up of multiple images in a composite, painted with a software (Corel Painter). You may include non-photographic images such as clipart, graphics, etc. The presentation MUST include individual thumbnails of each element of your composite along with the completed image. This category is judged completely different from the others in that a Juror is looking for how difficult the image completion is and to what degree of success it was accomplished.