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Art and Photoshop 7/10/21

Thom Rouse M. Photog. MEI, CR, F-ASP

For many of us Photoshop has become more than a post-production tool to repair and enhance our photographs. Photoshop is a visual medium unto itself – a blank canvas from which we can create images beyond the boundaries of conventional photography.

This program will involve hands on Photoshop with demonstrations of techniques geared toward fine art. You’re encouraged to bring a lap top and play along. We’ll also be discussing creative process, inspiration, art history, and concept development. The new digital technologies allows us to create anything we can imagine. Photoshop technique is important, but what will define us as artists is the concept, creativity and impact of our images.

* Photoshop as a fine art medium * Creative process and concept development * Inspiration: where to find it and how to use it

This will be a hands on intermediate Photoshop class. You should be familiar with layers, blending modes, selections and layer masks. But don’t be intimidated – the basics of Photoshop is all you’ll need to follow along. Please bring a laptop loaded with Photoshop and a notebook. We’ll repeat each technique several times and provide time to take notes.

Thom Rouse M. Photog. MEI, CR, F-ASP Symbol Tree

PPA, Professional Photographers of America, helps photographers grow their practices, exceed customer visions and push the artistic envelope. We are a source for photographic inspiration, protection, and community and photography education.

Location: Gina Lantz Photography Studio Thornton, CO Date: Saturday July 10, 2021 Time: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm PPC Cancellation Policy PPC Fellowship Points: Attend PPC event 1-4 hours (point for each attended) – 0.5 This is a PPA Merit Class!

Register Now! 12 Seats Available Only! PPC / PPA / PPCSG: $89 Non Members: $99

Thom Rouse M. Photog. MEI, CR, F-ASP Alone on the Planet

Thom Rouse began his career as a portrait and wedding photographer in 1994. Based near Chicago, he now divides his time between commercial, fine art and commissioned fine art images with his clients as the central subject of his pieces ( His conceptual fine art images utilize real world photographs blended and manipulated to create an alternative to real world perception. Thom also lectures and teaches workshops on topics ranging from Photoshop as an artist’s tool, visual literacy and lighting and posing for figure studies.

Thom holds the PPA Master of Photography degree, the Award of Excellence, the Master of Electronic Imaging degree, and the Photographic Craftsman degree. He is a Fellow in the American Society of Photographers and a member of the Camera Craftsman of America. He has 61 PPA loan Collection images and has won the ASP Gold Medallion twice. He has received numerous Photographer of the year awards, the Kodak Elite award, the Canon Par Excellence Select Award as well as numerous Kodak Gallery and Fuji Masterpiece awards. Thom’s work has been exhibited throughout the United States as well as Canada, China, Japan, Korea, and Europe.


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