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Professional Photographers display of available awards for the annual print competition.

Push Your Creative Boundaries with Our Image Competition

The purpose of this event is to offer image competition, scoring, feedback, critique possibilities, and awards for our PPC members. The competition is for individual digital images, and/or digital albums. These entries are judged against a standard of excellence using the 12 Elements of a Merit Image as a guide. These guidelines closely follow those used by PPA (Professional Photographers of America, Inc.).​The Colorado State Image Competition Awards celebrate the outstanding photography talent within the beautiful state of Colorado. Photographers from all backgrounds and skill levels come together to submit their best work, showcasing everything from diverse landscapes to stunning portraiture that make Colorado and our photographers unique. 


PPC is proud to present it’s members a variety of awards each year in both General & PPA Master’s categories, along with several other awards & designations that members are eligible to earn.

Image Competition Awards

  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd place trophies in each competition category​

  • 14er's Pins for 6 for 6, 5 for 6, & 4 for 6

  • Court of Honor Plaque | Top 10 makers by highest accumulative score of makers' highest 6 entries

  • Best in Show Trophy | Highest scoring image of the competition

  • General & Master Photographer of the Year Trophies | Awarded at each tier for highest accumulative score of makers' highest 6 entries

  • Juror’s Choice Ribbons

  • First Timer Award | Highest accumulative score of a first time entrant's highest 6 entries

  • Best “Out Of State” | Highest single scoring image from an out of state maker

  • Jack Avalos Trophy with Name Plate & 1 year of display for this prestigious, traveling award | Combined judges choice after a group discussion and consideration.​

Other Prestigious Awards Available to PPC Members

  • ASP Award | Highest scoring image of a ASP member

  • CPP Award | Highest scoring image of a CPP holder


PPC Honorary Awards & Designations 

*Awards & trophy designs are subject to change. Images from PPC makers in good standing scoring 80 or higher “Print/Image of Distinction” qualify for awards.

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