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PPC Meeting – The Business of Photography with Troy Miller – 7-10-23

Regardless of whether you’re an artist exploring a creative project or a professional photographer providing services, the business aspect can be daunting. Taxes, contracts, marketing, sales, and making a profit can often drain the enthusiasm out of any business venture within the first few years.

How do others do it? How do they survive and even thrive in a market that is more challenging than ever? Is it possible to make a living as a professional photographer in today’s market?  YES!

Troy and Marjorie run a very successful photography business that continues to provide their sole source of income for over 25 years.

Join Troy as he shares his methods, philosophies, and challenges in industry fads and fables. Troy will answer your questions on how he and his wife have built and maintained their business while challenging you to think outside the box.

This will be an informal and engaging conversation, so come prepared with your questions!

There’s no need to hold back — let’s learn from each other.

WHEN: Date: Monday, July 10, 2023 *Note this date change. Location: ZOOM only.   Time: 7 pm – 9 pm

About Troy:

Troy Miller as a creative has chosen wedding photography as his full-time profession for over 25 years. Having earned his Masters of Photography from PPA, he’s received numerous awards throughout his career.

Troy is a regular feature in the This Week In Photo community and does a regular live-streamed image critique with Frederick Van Johnson. When he’s not photographing brides, he can be found mountain biking or in his shop creating with other mediums such as metal, ceramic building furniture, or experimenting with fire.

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