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PPC Quarterly Image Competition 9/9/21

The PPC Board is happy to be hosting Quarterly Image Competitions to our PPC Members!

Registration to enter images into this event will be via – images must be uploaded by Monday, September 6th by 12pm (MST). Entries open on August 15th.

Image Submissions: We will be judging only 100 images. Members pay $10 each for up to 4 images. Members can enter up to four images to be evaluated against the 12 Elements of a Merit Image with PPC points to be awarded and applied towards the PPC degree program. Current members of PPC must be in good standing and have their dues paid by the submission deadline to compete. No images previously submitted and considered merit-worthy allowed.

First time submission:

Entry Deadline: September 6th, 2021 at Midnight (MST)

Competition Review Time: September 9th, 2021 6:30 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada) (Zoom link will be provided September 1st)


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