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PPC Workshop Seeing Double – Double Exposures In Camera – 1/14/23

From the late 19th century ‘spirit’ photographers to the surreal montage images of Jerry Uelsmann and dreamlike, otherworldly works of Duane Michals, multiple exposure photography is not new to the history of our medium. The dawn of post-processing software moved this art form out of the darkroom and into the hands of so many more photographic artists and today many modern DSLR cameras allow photographers to combine images in camera for immediate image making.

Start the New Year with PPC’s first workshop of 2023 led by member Kory Bumgardner. This full-day workshop is designed to appeal to photographers of all levels of proficiency and will take place in 2 indoor locations. Although we know Kory as a wildlife photographer, on this occasion she will guide and encourage attendees to enjoy artistic freedom, to leave all notion of rules and conventions behind, and simply embrace the unpredictable multiple exposure outcomes created in camera.

Kory says that learning this technique will help you see things differently and you will be spellbound by the variety of images you can create each time you go out with your camera. The more you play, the more interesting and surprising the resulting images can be.

The morning session will be at the Denver Art Museum. After an introduction by Kory, attendees are encouraged to explore the museum together or break off individually to start building their library of images. Tripods and flash photography are not permitted in the museum and you may only gather images in galleries that allow it.

The afternoon session will be held at the Buell Mansion, Cherry Hills Village (a 20-minute drive from Downtown Denver) where attendees will have the opportunity to bring their laptops to view, manipulate and share their images and also to continue to photograph indoors (and outside if the weather permits) if they wish. There will be a time to share experiences and images with fellow attendees. Videography is prohibited at the Buell Mansion and images gathered inside may not be used in any work sold commercially.

If your camera does not have this double exposure function, you are welcome to take part in the workshop with your cell phone and one of the many photo blending apps available.

Before you arrive at DAM Whether participating with your phone or camera, it is strongly recommended that you practice ahead of the workshop so that you know how your camera or chosen app work.

Charge your laptop and install any post-processing software you may wish to use so you are not reliant on wifi (the Buell Mansion is an old building and the wifi is not great).

It is not essential but you may want to book your museum ticket online to save waiting in line.

On the day – Parking – there is a multi-story parking garage tucked behind the Art Hotel on 12th St. (you need your vehicle registration number to pay at the machine when you park not on exit) or open-air parking lots on Bannock Street and around the museum. Prices vary and they usually charge a fee for the day. Meet inside the DAM entrance hall at 10 am when the museum opens.

What to bring – Phone, camera, laptop (fully charged), extension cord (optional), card reader, lunch, snacks, and water. You can bring a tripod for use in the afternoon. Stop to buy lunch on your way to the Buell Mansion if you prefer. Hot drinks will be available in the afternoon.

PPA, Professional Photographers of America, helps photographers grow their practices, exceed customer visions and push the artistic envelope. We are a source for photographic inspiration, protection, and community and photography education.

Details: Date: Saturday, January 14, 2023 In-Person Location Morning: Denver Art Museum In-Person Location Afternoon: Buell Mansion, Cherry Hills Village Time: 10 am – 6 pm (MST) Event Policy: Please review our: PPC Cancellation Policy PPC Fellowship Points: 1 PPA Continuing Education Merit for the full day.

Cost per PPC/PPA Member: $59.00 Cost for Non-Members: $99.00

More about Kory: Kory is a full-time wildlife photographer traveling the world. She recently earned her CPP to add to her accomplishments as a Master Photographer (earned in 2022) and hopes to achieve her Craftsman Degree in 2023.  Kory is also a FAA- Certified (UAS) Drone Pilot. She lives in Genesse, Colorado with her husband, John. In their free time, they love to spend time with their two grandchildren.

  1. Kory Bumgardner – M. Photog, CPP, F- PPC, F- PPGCS, F-WPPA

  2. PPA Elite Membership and Silver Medalist 2022

  3. PPA Diamond Photographer of the year 2021

  4. PPA Bronze Medalist 2018

  5. Professional Photographers of Colorado {PPC} Top 10 2018, 2020, 2021

  6. Wyoming Professional photographer {WPPA} General Photographer of the year 2020,2021

  7. Texas Professional photographers {TPPA} Distinguished image 2019, 2020, 2022, Silver Medal 2019, Judges choice in 2021, Best illustrative image 2021, Gold Medal 2021, Diamond Metal 2022


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