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Quickbooks Online Class: 2″OHHHHH”1 (201) – 4/24/21

This class will be two hours of Navigating your QuickBooks online version. Last month we covered the initial set up of your QuickBooks online. This month, we dive a little deeper by exploring the navigation bar and creating examples of what information/data goes where and why.

THIS “201” CLASS IS FOR YOU IF: – You’ve already done the set up and are ready for the next steps – You need a better understanding of navigating the Navigation bar and the other components – You are ready to get started entering data and bank transactions – Add a contractor to auto send IRS w-9 form

It might be helpful to have your QuickBooks set up before this class, if you want to follow along Topics covered under the Navigation Bar includes:

  1. Banking – Syncing your bank and credit cards to QuickBooks

  2. Expenses -Vendors/Contractors and 1099’s

  3. Sales – Invoices, customers, receiving money

  4. Payroll-If there’s time

  5. Reports-customizing, what reports to use

  6. Taxes – sales taxes

  7. Mileage – recording mileage

  8. Accounting – Chart of Accounts & reconciling bank and credit card statements

Peggy is not a CPA and is not qualified to give tax advice so save those questions for your CPA or Tax person. Due to time constraints, she will NOT be teaching basic accounting fundamentals per se.


  1. Date: Saturday, April 24, 2021

  2. Location: Online (Zoom)

  3. Time: 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm (MST)

  4. Event Policy: Please review our: PPC Cancellation Policy

  5. PPC Fellowship Points: Attend PPC event 1-4 hours (point for each attended) – 0.5

Cost: PPC / PPA / PPGCS Member $20 Non Member Cost: $30


Non Member:

THIS “201” CLASS IS NOT FOR YOU IF: You just signed up for the software and don’t know how to set it up (Sorry. We already covered that last month) Unfortunately, there won’t be time for questions on the set up You wanted to learn something more advanced than the understanding of Navigating the software(there’s a “301” class in the future) You are using the “Desktop” version of QuickBooks (no classes are being offered at this time for the desktop version) You want to learn how to do bookkeeping – (I can tutor you 1:1 for a fee)

Peggy Lee of PeggySuz Studio is a portrait and personal branding photographer located in Centennial, CO. Prior to starting her photography business and studio, she was an Accountant turned Controller, for varied businesses since 1982. She has over 35 years of accounting and business experience and have had my own bookkeeping service since 2004, serving clients in a wide variety of industries from veterinarians, orthodontists, dentists, electricians, contractors, fitness equipment installation company, business coaches, attorneys, non-profit organizations, trucking broker, and software developers. She still serves a small and select number of bookkeeping clients to this date, but her main business income is derived from her photography business.


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