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  • Photography education for photographers at all skill levels.

  • Give-aways and door prizes at select events.

  • Education workshops throughout the year, covering various genres of photography, post-processing, business skills, and much more.

  • Building a social and professional network.

  • Members-only Facebook Group

  • Reduced member rates for workshops, annual conference, and other events.

  • PPA merit opportunities for attending designated educational workshops and annual conference.

  • Annual image competition and critique.

  • Colorado State fellowship degrees.

  • PPC special Columbine Pin participation award.

  • An invitation to our Annual Holiday Party & Awards Banquet

  • Become personal friends with the best professional photographers in the state who are willing to share their knowledge.

Special thank you to Cliff Lawson for the production of this video. 

Ready to Join or Renew?

Find the membership that works for you!

  • Best Option

    Annual Professional (Auto-Renewal)

    Every year
    For single entity businesses & hobbyists
    • 1 Year PPC Membership
  • Annual Professional & Renewal (Manual)

    Manual renewal, this does not auto-renew. For single entity businesses & hobbyists
    Valid for 12 months
    • 1 Year Membership to PPC, does not auto renew.
  • Monthly Professional (Auto-Renewal)

    Every month
    For single entity businesses & hobbyists on a MONTHLY subscription plan.
    • 1 Month PPC Membership
  • Annual Student (Auto-Renewal)

    Every year
    For full time students
    • 1 Year PPC Membership

Auto renew plans will renew until canceled or chosen otherwise.


Professional Photographers of Colorado Awards and Fellowship Medallions

Fellowships with PPC

The point system and degree program are designed to encourage, recognize and reward those who demonstrate outstanding imaging skills and provide service and education to the profession. The program helps affiliate organizations attract program talent and encourages the individual to learn and achieve. Only PPC members will be awarded points, and only specified points can be applied toward a degree.

In January 1999, the PPC Board of Directors adopted a new degree program. The degree program includes the following: Colorado Service Fellowship of Photography (S.F.) and Colorado Educational Fellowship of Photography (E.F.) and the Colorado Photographic Fellowship of Photography (P.F.). A review committee consisting of Fellowship chairperson(s) current and past Fellowship recipients has been established to review the Degree applications to help with points toward Fellowships.

Professional Photographers of Colorado Columbine Pin award

Columbine Pin

PPC is dedicated to serving its members and we recognize our members’ help in serving the organization. This unique pin symbolizes dedication and participation every time it’s displayed on a lanyard. 

Purpose and Goal
The purpose of the award is to promote member participation, encourage personal growth as a photographer and teacher and to reward simple acts of service that help our events run well.

When is the Columbine Pin Awarded
The Columbine Pin is awarded annually at the PPC Holiday Party in December and given to all PPC members in good standing who have earned 15 or more points in our award scheme in any given year. The award runs separately from the Fellowship Award. Members can earn a Columbine Pin every year they participate. Points do not carry over.

Columbine Point Year
Members are responsible for keeping track of their points throughout the year starting the day after our annual conference the prior year through the last day of our annual conference. Your digital form must be returned by the published deadline. Late entries will not be considered.

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