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Online: Infrared Photography 6/10/2021

Join us for the PPC Monthly meeting, where Michael Ryno will share his experiences and show examples of infrared photos and how infrared can add an exciting and creative aspect to your photography adventures.

Several topics that will be covered:

  1. What is Infrared Photography and how did it originate

  2. Infrared frequencies

  3. How things look different in infrared and why

  4. Comparison of images shot with DSLR versus infrared converted camera

  5. What scenarios work well with infrared and what scenarios do not

  6. Infrared photography basics:

  7. Camera conversion or specialized lens filters – pros and cons for each

  8. Mirrorless of DSLR

  9. Camera settings, white balance, histograms, etc.

  10. Infrared consideration and uses for the following

  11. Landscapes and nature

  12. People and animals

  13. Architecture, buildings, cityscapes

  14. Post Processing

  15. Lightroom & Photoshop

  16. Black and white conversion using NIK Silver Efex plugin

  17. Capture One


  1. Date: Thursday, June 10, 2021

  2. Location: Online (Zoom)

  3. Time: 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm (MST)

  4. Event Policy: Please review our: PPC Cancellation Policy

  5. PPC Fellowship Points: Attend PPC event 1-4 hours (point for each attended) – 0.5

This event is FREE to PPC Members. One of many great benefits to being a member of the PPC. Come to your first meeting free.

Michael Ryno – Moonset Infrared Photography

Michael Ryno is a resident of Highlands Ranch, Colorado and purchased his first DSLR camera in 2016 to capture images of the beautiful landscape scenes he often came across while pursuing other outdoor activities including fly fishing, hiking and camping. Michael is currently a Board Member as Secretary of PPC and is President of the Lone Tree Photo Club. He also is an active member of photography communities including This Week in Photo, Photofocus Community and The Creative Community. He is also a supporter of conservation organizations including Nature Photographers Network and Nature First. When not working at his corporate banking job or photographing, he enjoys spending time at home and traveling with his wife Lori and his pet German Shepherd.


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