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PPC Spotlight: Ashley Sertich

Ashley Sertich

Name: Ashley Sertich

Company: Ashley Rexann Photography

Member of PPC how long? February 2020

Do you have a photography niche? Really enjoying portraits right now, but love to shoot anything!

How did you get involved in photography? I love to travel, so I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures. But I started getting into photography seriously in January, 2019.

Your favorite “go-to” lens and why? Sony 24-70 f/2.8 GM

What do you consider your greatest achievement (photography or non-photography wise)? I’ve traveled to 63 countries (all 7 continents). I love adventure travel, and I especially enjoy traveling alone. Although, I pack light – so most of my travel photos are just on my iphone!

Name a photographer who inspires you: So many! I’m still learning my style, so I have a great appreciation for all that I’m learning from. Some favorites: Elena Shumilova, Jessica Drossin, Lindsay Adler, and Meg Loeks.

Through the Eyes of a Child – Ashley Sertich


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