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PPC Spotlight: David Snyder

Name: David Snyder

Company: Mountain West Photography

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Member of PPC how long? 1 year

Do you have a photography niche? Landscape and Wildlife Photography

How did you get involved in photography? Has been a passion since college.

Your favorite “go-to” lens and why? Nikon 24-70. Enough wide angle to enable pano photography, 2.8 low light capability, sharp all the way to the corners.

What do you consider your greatest achievement (photography or non-photography wise)? Photography: building a business from scratch Non-Photography: Wife and raising 2 amazing girls, Other Work: VP of a fortune 500 company, diving in the weightless environment tank with astronauts.

Name a photographer who inspires you: Doug Bennett, Thomas Mangelson, Michael Forsberg

David Snyder – Magnachrome


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