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PPC Spotlight: Phillip Rubino

Phillip Rubino

Name: Phillip Rubino

Company: Phillip Rubino Photography

Location: Castle Rock, CO

Member of PPC how long? 2 year

Do you have a photography niche? Landscape/Macro, Wildlife, Events/Sports (Really I shoot a little of everything)

How did you get involved in photography? Grew up inspired by my father and brother as a kid. Photography has been a passion of mine since Jr. High School.

Your favorite “go-to” lens and why? First, it’s the 70-200 2.8 because it is as sharp as can be, and my second favorite is the 105 macro lens for its versatility.

Phillip Rubino

What do you consider your greatest achievement (photography or non-photography wise)? Photography: building a business from scratch Non-Photography: Helping my daughter become the fantastic young adult she is!

Name a photographer who inspires you: Honestly, there are too many local photographers to mention in the PPC that are truly inspiring and open to help me become a better photographer, and I don’t want to leave anyone out! I highly recommend everyone join this community. Nationally, I find it easy to understand and enjoy learning from Scott Kelby, Moose Peterson, Joel Grimes, Tamara Lackey and Matt Kloskowski to name a few.


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